Luis Bustamante

Luis Bustamante obtained a bachelor’s degree in fine arts at de University Complutense de Madrid.

In the eighties he devoted to sculpture and painting, exhibiting several times in Madrid and Barcelona.

In 1991 he started his interior design career in Barcelona where he lived during 8 years and continued working in this area. Later he moved to Mexico for five years were he continued with his professional career and was consolidated as an international interior designer.

In the year 2000 Luis returned back to Madrid where he established

his current interior design studio unifying a high qualified group of professionals. The studio in Madrid is currently considered the operational headquarters for all the national and international projects.

International Career

Luis Bustamante’s studio has carried out residential, commercial and ephemeral projects adapting his works to different enviroments and working conditions.

His undeniable international background and accurate work has permitted the studio to develop several projects in New York, Miami, London, Gstaad, Dominican Republic, Mexico, etc.

Artistic Vocation

His early sculptor and painter vocation has allowed Luis to develop his interior design career from the “aesthetic balance” point of view of spaces, volumes and colors. His projects transmit his artistic passion between contemporary and classical arts.